10 ways to cheer up in the middle of the day

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Even if we wake up cheerful in the morning, then after a few hours we often feel a breakdown. How to regain your performance? Says a psychologist, tanatotherapist Vladimir Baskakov.

Consider your biorhythms

We often treat ourselves as a mechanism: I pressed the pedal – I went faster. But even the mechanisms have a limit of endurance. Moreover, living creatures. Please note that all natural rhythms are cyclic: inhale-out of the day, day or a day. There is no continuous vigor, as there is no continuous breath. In order to become more cheerful, first you need to give yourself a rest. The question of how to do this in the middle of the day?

These recommendations will help you restore contact with your body and restore strength.

1. WITHPook so as to feel the footsteps. This advice is suitable for those who work in the office or do not want to lie. Sit even and straight, feel the footsteps – so you “get used to”, giving your body a support. If you have any feelings or thoughts from which you want to relax, imagine them as energy and direct them into the feet, giving them to the earth.

2. … or lYagte on the floor.If you work on a remote and you can organize a space for yourself, where no one will disturb you for at least 10 minutes, lay a blanket or rug on the floor and go to your back. Remove your arms and legs wide, accept the “pose of the star” – this is precisely this position of the body contributes to the complete relaxation. There is a chance that you will do it off – very good! In order not to worry about this and not count the minutes, put the alarm in advance.

3. Relax the lower jaw – as much as possible. If the situation allows, open your mouth. When it is difficult, hard, painful, we involuntarily clench our teeth. Also in society we “hold the face”, and this creates tension in the lower jaw. When we allow the lower jaw to “fall off”, this helps us relax.

4. Eyes can be closed or slightly covered, Having gazed down – how nicer and calmer you. But do not squint, so as not to create excess tension for centuries and around the eyes.

5. If you are sitting, tilt your head a little forward, as if slightly sniffing. Relax your neck muscles, as far as possible, without dropping your head on your chest.

If some thought becomes especially persistent, promise yourself what to think of it after you relax and let it leave

6. Check the condition of the muscles of the whole body, mentally passing it mentally from the bottom up or from top to bottom. Release the voltage where you will notice it.

7. Check the muscles of the forehead again, around the eyes, around the mouth. Let your face acquire a slightly stupid expression – so you can better relax.

8. Pay attention to the abdominal muscles. Are they relaxed? We often strain them so that we have proper posture, but this prevents us from breathing freely. Therefore, release all the muscles, and if you are sitting, let your stomach “fall out” naturally.

9. Let your thoughts flow calmly, come and leave. Do not make yourself on purpose not to think about anything. But if some thought becomes especially persistent, promise yourself what to think of it after you relax and let it leave.

10. Spent in this state for at least three minutes. After that, get up – leisurely and carefully, – reach out (you can imagine a cat or dog and repeat their movements) and walk a little, feeling how you come to the ground, and it, in turn, does not bend and does not slip away, but providesyou have a firm and reliable support for you. Save this feeling of reliability in the body.

We carry out the basic ground

This exercise was proposed by the psychotherapist Alexander Lowen – the creator of bioenergy analysis. It is good for them to complete a daily vacation. It can also be used if you do not have the opportunity to do everything else.

  • Put your legs slightly wider than the hips, turn the feet slightly with socks inside. Bend the knees slightly – so that this position does not require efforts from you.
  • Breathe calmly, best with your mouth.
  • Slowly lean forward.
  • Try to touch the earth with your hands, but do not tolerate body weight on them – let it fall on the socks of the feet.
  • Try not to tear off the heels from the floor. Make sure that the head is lowered and the neck is completely relaxed.
  • You can sway slightly, bending and unbending your knees

    Προσοχή σε αυτό. Εδώ το κύριο πράγμα είναι ότι ο άνθρωπος δίνει ανατροφοδότηση και δεν εξαπλώνεται σε σιωπή. Πρέπει να καταλάβετε τι ώρα σταματάτε ή επιβραδύνετε. Κοιτάξτε το πρόσωπό του, συλλάβετε τα μη λεκτικά σήματα, μην cialis γενοσημα αν είναι καλό. Αλλά όταν η δική μου αναζητείται από τη λεκάνη σας – αυτό είναι το σήμα “Σταματήστε!”.

    (but your legs should not be completely straight).

  • You may have a sensation of tingling or heat. Then the vibration will appear. Give yourself time to feel it, try to enjoy your bodily sensations (but if you held your breath, the vibration will not appear – then do the exercise again).
  • Then slowly and carefully tear off your hands from the ground and gradually straighten – first the lower back (the head is lowered), then the shoulders (head is lowered) and finally the head.
  • Make a few deep breaths and exhalations.

This exercise will get rid of excess excitement, which gives rise to anxiety, and regain a sense of safety and stability.

If the exercises do not help and you still feel a breakdown, this means that you have accumulated a lot of fatigue and you need a full -fledged long rest. In some cases, it is useful to turn to doctors: constant fatigue can be a symptom of somatic diseases.

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